Link Exchange Programme is a website targeted towards pigeon racing professionals.

We strive to bring relevant and current information to the growing world of pigeon fanciers.

In the ever changing world of the World Wide Web, it has become even more necessary for businesses to join hands and help each other gain market share on the internet. This is why we at Pigeon in flight have initiated the Link Exchange Programme where we share your link to your website on our website and in exchange you share our link on yours.

How do you go from being a part of the "invisible web" to the part readily found by people searching at Google and other popular search destinations? The best way to show up in Google is to find as many theme-related websites as possible to provide a link back to your website, and exchange links with these sites! Many people know that PageRank, Google's proprietary method for ranking a page, looks at links to help determine a page's relevancy.

By exchanging links with other theme-related websites such as you thus gain market share on the web and gain the opportunity to rank on the first pages of Google and other search engines.

In an age where the Web is quickly becoming a part of all businesses, remember why the Web was created - to share information with everyone who's connected. Link exchange means to share information!

Once you have shared our link ( on your website, notify us and we will share our website's link on our site.

If you are unsure of how to share a link on your website, let us know and we will gladly assist.

We hope that you would take this opportunity and share our link on your site.

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